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Crankshaft seal installer tool Easyboost Piaggio 50


La herramienta instaladora de retenes del cigüeñal Easyboost le permite montar fácilmente los retenes detrás del variador y del encendido de su Piaggio 50cc.

Easyboost - Fabrication française

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The Easyboost crankshaft oil seal installer tool allows you to easily and accurately fit the oil seals behind the variator and ignition of your Piaggio 50cc.

It is CNC machined from Polyamide PA66 which is a soft and strong material. The aluminium casing is relatively fragile, so the choice of this material ensures that it will not be damaged on contact.

This is an essential tool for the correct assembly of the seals and to ensure that the bearings are properly lubricated. The shoulder of the tool positions the oil seal exactly as it was originally positioned. To fit the seal on the ignition side, simply turn the tool over and repeat the same operation, tapping the tool with a mallet.

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